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"We can see with our ears." - Juan Ruiz

This Blind Man Taught Himself to See!

Excerpted from the Jeff Probst Show - March 15, 2013

This is an exposé of a day in the life of Juan Ruiz, plus part of his interview on the Jeff Probst Show.

"meet Juan Ruiz. He has been blind since the day he was born and he tells Jeff all about how he taught himself how to see. Now, he can go mountain biking, skiing, horse riding and even play basketball."


Discovery Channel: Daily Planet - November, 2011
By Michelle McCree

Shows demonstrations and explanations of our techniques and no limits philosophy.

Super Human Challenge - Juan Ruiz

BBC - February, 2013

Juan Ruiz undergoes a series of challenges to test his FlashSonar skills.

Guinness World Records: Juan Ruiz

TV Italy - April, 2011

Juan Ruiz, Perceptual Navigation Instructor, is invited by Guinness to set a world record for blind bicycling through a random obstacle course using only FlashSonar. In so doing, Juan gave a stirring speech that made the live audience cry. "I still don't understand the significance of a world record, but I do understand the significance of my speech."
Includes a fascinating written account of the Guinness experience by Juan and Justin Louchart, who was present at the time. Juan and colleagues also provided a FlashSonar workshop to Italian professors, and worked with a family during this time.

Is there really a blind man whom can mountain bike using echo location clicking?

Penn & Teller Tell a Lie - November, 2011

"The blind guys hearing with echolocation is fabulous, and that's one of the real ones—seeing a guy [Juan Ruiz] that does not have eyesight being able to ride a mountain bike."

Humanly Impossible

National Geographic TV - summer, 2011

Juan Ruiz is featured demonstrating his skills of FlashSonar. “Extreme performers push the human body to extraordinary limits. ... Humanly Impossible follows a team of doctors and scientists to reveal the physiology behind ... stunts that surpass average human capability.”

Stan Lee's Real Superhumans

Discovery Channel - April, 2010

Juan Ruiz gives a stunning and very genuine demonstration of FlashSonar on the shamelessly over the top but entertaining show.

Little Love can see by sound

nation Media \ Lifestyle - May 19, 2012

About Juan Ruiz, Perceptual Navigation Coach, and Dewald van Deventer, junior coach and former student, and there work with students in Kenya.

About Damyn and Dylan

From: Jennifer ... 31 Mar 2012
Subject: Re: instructional training

I am so happy and pleased with the training the boys have recieved!! I can not express to you enough at how the past four days have affected our family. I am so pleased to say that Juan has been such a great replacement teacher. What he has brought to our family, Damyn and Dylan the knowledge of this secret magical training is out of this world, and the eye opening reality of the great expectations I now have for my children is beyond amazing. I can not thank you and Juan enough. I hope that we can build upon this training and make this a yearly thing for our family. … Thank You again so much.


From: Valerie ... 25 Mar 2012


I want to thank you and Juan for extending your services o my daughter Delitza. My family is so grateful to have had Juan as a guest and instructor. ... I plan to continue to follow the accomplishments made by you and Juan and spread the word so that families can continue to support your services.

Thank you

Sonar system helps the visually impaired

ABC News - July, 2012
By Rob Hayes

Reports on our work with blind students in Los Angeles, California - includes demonstrations, explanations, and a student report.

Juan Across the World

A collection of media and information about Juan's travels and trainings across the world and in various languages.